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Edgar Cayce On Atlantis

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In the readings it is revealed that Atlantis, located in the area of the Atlantic Ocean stretching from Gibraltar to the Gulf of Mexico, was first occupied by an advanced race of humans in 210,000 B.C. By 50,000 B.C., the country had developed an advanced culture with strange technology. Cayce’s Atlantis was a maritime culture throughout its entire existence, trading with nearly all of the other lands of the world. Plentiful natural resources existed on the temperate islands. Temples were constructed in the cities. One fascination with Cayce’s Atlantis concerns a mysterious crystal, similar to a laser-like device, because it became the reason for the struggle between two factions, the peaceful spiritual group, Law of One, and the Sons of Belial, who worshipped self-aggrandizement, sought power over others, and practiced human sacrifice. Cayce’s story of how the destructive forces were unleashed is entwined with the mysterious crystal. [34] Bowden, Henry Warner (1993). Dictionary of American Religious Biography (Second Edition, Revised and Enlargeded.). Greenwood Publishing Group. p.106. ISBN 978-0-313-27825-9. During the Depression, Cayce turned his attention to spiritual teachings. In 1931, his friends and family asked him how they could become psychic. Out of this apparently-simple question came an eleven-year discourse which led to the creation of "study groups". In his altered state, Cayce relayed to the groups that the purpose of life is not to become psychic, but to become a more spiritually-aware and loving person. Study group number one was told that they could "bring light to a waiting world", and the lessons would still be studied in a hundred years. The readings were now about dreams, coincidence (synchronicity), developing intuition, the Akashic records, astrology, past-life relationships, soul mates and other esoteric subjects. On June 6, 1931, 61 people attended a meeting to carry on Cayce's work and form the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) In July, the new association was incorporated; Cayce returned his house to Blumenthal, and bought another. [53]

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But before the legendary land disappeared under the waves, Cayce revealed that there was an exodus of many Atlanteans to ancient Egypt. He attributed the Biblical Great Flood of Noah to be a result of the sinking of the last huge remnants of Atlantis. He also revealed that the many Atlanteans that managed to escape, in hope to preserve a record of their civilization created two separate archives with all their history and accomplishments so that it could be preserved for posterity. One of these archives was revealed to be buried under one of the Sphinx's paws. As humans began incarnating into physical form, some became enamoured with their new physical senses, and sought to be able to indulge more. As the new explosive technology was developed, and enabled some individuals to gain power, they also began acting more selfishly.

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In Atlantis, before destructive forces arose – associated with communications, lighter-than-air machines, radio-active forces.” Layne asked Cayce to describe Layne's ailments and suggest cures, and reportedly found the results accurate and effective. Layne considered Cayce's ability clairvoyance, and suggested that he offer his psychic diagnostic service to the public. Cayce was reluctant, since he had no idea what he was prescribing while asleep and did not know if his remedies were safe. He told Layne that he did not want to know anything about a patient, since it was not relevant. He agreed on the condition that readings would be free, and specified that if the readings ever hurt anyone, he would never do another. He began, with Layne's help, to offer free treatments to the townspeople. Layne described Cayce's method as "... a self-imposed hypnotic trance which induces clairvoyance". [22] Reports of Cayce's work appeared in newspapers, which prompted a number of postal inquiries. [23] Cayce said that he could work as effectively with a letter from an individual as with a person present in the room. Given a person's name and location, Cayce claimed that he could diagnose the physical and mental conditions of what he called "the entity" and provide a remedy. Cayce was still reticent and worried, because "one dead patient was all he needed to become a murderer". His fiancée agreed, and few people knew what he was doing. Hypnotic subjects were commonly believed to be susceptible to insanity or poor physical health. [24] On October 11, 1928, the dedication ceremony of the hospital complex was held. The complex contained a lecture hall, library, vault for storage of the readings, and offices for researchers. There was also a large living room, a 12-car garage, servants' quarters, and a tennis court. It contained "the largest lawn, in fact the only lawn, between the Cavalier and Cape Henry". Its first patient was admitted the following day. [47]

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The importance of meditation as a spiritual discipline. He evolved an approach that was easy to apply to the Judeo-Christian world. Members were drawn from a number of Protestant denominations, from the Roman, Greek, Syrian and Armenian Catholic churches, theosophy, Christian Science, Spiritualism, and a number of Asian religions. Cayce believed that if something made a person a better member of their church, it was good; if it took a person away from their church, it was bad. The philosophy of the readings was that truth is one, and each organization is part of this one; A.R.E. did not oppose any religious organization. The goal of the work was not new, but ancient and universal. [59] If Cayce’s revelation on reincarnated Atlantean souls is correct, these advanced souls and perspectives could undoubtedly be of good use in the many social, environmental, and political crises faced on our planet today. Until we know for sure, Atlantis, its advanced inhabitants, and its mysterious downfall remain shrouded in mystery and wonder, perhaps until the next prophet comes along.One of Cayce’s ideas about Atlantis is that it would reappear in 1968/9 off the east coast of North America, which he called the “rising of Atlantis”. It was around then that the Bimini Road was discovered. While many of the survivors relocated to Egypt and participated in the transformation of Egyptian society, others went West, to Mexico.

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However, the majority of Edgar's reading were for individual clients and were more concerned with health and holistic healing regimens. From early in life, Cayce was an unusual individual. As a child, he was seeing his deceased grandfather. At the age of 10, he would receive a visit by a being with wings while reading the Bible in the woods.During the 1930s, Cayce incorrectly predicted that North America would experience existential chaos: "Los Angeles, San Francisco... will be among those that will be destroyed before New York". [78] He also predicted that the Second Coming of Christ would occur in 1998. [79] According to Edgar, much of modern technology is simply rediscovering what existed in Atlantean culture. His work describes how their technology made some of the Atlanteans became overly focused on material things. The previously highly spiritual Atlanteans fractured into two groups, The Children of the Law of One, who continued on the spiritual traditions of earlier generations, and the Sons of Belial, who became further engrossed in satisfying their desires and appetites. Beginnings of Atlantis His readings describe a war between these ancient humans and animals. When these explosives were made It meant that humanity “ began to cope with those of the beast form that overran the earth in many places”.

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