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Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - BOARDING PATROL: Agents Of The Imperium

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Mustering a Boarding PatrolWhen mustering a Boarding Patrol, if your Faction is AGENTS OF THE IMPERIUM, then the following rules apply when adding units to your Boarding Patrol Detachment, and they take priority over the ‘mustering a Boarding Patrol’ rules. The final two Warhammer 40k Boarding Patrols, for the Leagues of Votann and the Agents of the Imperium have been announced by GW.

Hearthkyn Warriors – sturdy, specialized Kin soldiers clad in enclosed void armor. They have access to a wide variety of weapons and war gear, making them extremely versatile in combat. The Imperium’s most secretive operatives sometimes embed themselves into other forces to pursue their shadowy agendas, acting independently as AGENTS OF THE IMPERIUM . These Inquisitors, assassins, and auxiliaries have been left out of the Arks of Omen season so far, but that’s set to change. You can include INQUISITION units, even though they do not have the AGENTS OF THE IMPERIUM keyword.The latest issue of White Dwarf magazine continues the story of the space hulk Herald of Misery , adding new rules for deadly laser grids to Boarding Actions games and two short stories concerning the forces fighting within. Meanwhile, a Tale of Four Warlords takes on its second challenge of the year, while Part Five of The Great Stomp introduces campaign rules for Warhammer Age of Sigmar games set in the Living Peaks.

The Imperial Agents faction is all about the Imperial Navy and its colorful personnel. Boarding Patrol: Imperial Agents will contain the following: When you select a PSYKER unit to manifest psychic powers, you select one psychic power that unit knows and attempt to manifest it. With the exception of Smite, you cannot attempt to manifest the same psychic power more than once in the same battle round, even with different PSYKER units. The same PSYKER unit cannot attempt to manifest Smite more than once during the same battle round.Halflings don’t make natural Blood Bowl players, but with enough gumption and a good lunch even the shortest soul can rise to league stardom. Take Cindy Piewhistle for example – once a master baker, now a Star Player who weaponises her delicious wares, while Puggy Baconbreath is an elite athlete by usual halfling standards, with the skill and discipline of a champion twice his size. The Leagues of Votann are quite the surprising edition to Boarding Patrols, especially considering how new they are to the Warhammer 40,000 scene. Their addition to the new mode almost purposely coincides with their reveal last year, which caused quite a buzz. The Kyn Aim to Crush Any Foe Beneath Their Armored Boots If you prefer your anti-tank options a little more discrete, the Sicaran Venator trades mass for speed and can wind its way around enemy flanks before lancing neutron beam laser blasts right through the sides of opposing tanks.

When the Adeptus Astartes fight, they employ a set of combat doctrines to eliminate the enemy. After pounding the foe with heavy weapons, warriors advance to lay down a hail of bolter fire before charging forth with chainswords roaring to finish the foe.If every unit from your army has the ADEPTUS ASTARTES keyword (excluding AGENT OF THE IMPERIUM and UNALIGNED units), this unit gains a bonus (see below) depending on which Combat Doctrine is active for your army. During the first battle round, the Devastator Doctrine is active for your army. From the second battle round onwards, at the start of the battle round, you can change which Combat Doctrine is active for your army, as follows: A proud Einhyr Champion – a seasoned commander of the Hearthguard tasked with leading from the front. Fitting its status, the champion is clad in the finest modified exo-armor fitted with mass drivers. Armed with formidable close-quarters weapons and bulky RAM shields, the Einhyr Champion is a living battering ram, who has no problem smashing through units and gates with ease. To manifest the psychic power, you must first pass a Psychic test. The opposing player can then select one of their PSYKER units that is within 24" of the PSYKER unit attempting to manifest the power and attempt to deny that power before its effects are resolved by passing a Deny the Witch test.


The massive Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer is an armoured beast , mounting a triple-barrelled neutron laser battery onto a rugged Spartan hull to create a devastatingly focused anti-tank weapon. It can detonate tanks in a single blast while shrugging off return fire like it’s nothing – everything you want in a Lord of War. Sicaran Venator Tank Hunter Games Workshop continues to give the people what they want – more miniatures, more content, and more Boarding Patrol Boxes. As the warring armies close upon one another and vicious firefights erupt, the Codex lays out strategies for swiftly seizing the initiative and combining versatility with firepower.While this combat doctrine is active, improve the Armour Penetration characteristic of every Rapid Fire and Assault weapon that models in this unit are equipped with by 1.

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