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Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster

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Style– Ignoring a gun’s functional side, Nerf guns also come in a wide range of styles. Some guns are inspired by video games, some are inspired by prehistoric lizards and others use a potential zombie apocalypse as inspiration. Practice Targets:From compact targets to larger inflatable obstacles, there is a wide range of options for practicing your skills, such as improving accuracy. Playing with Nerf guns is a favorite activity among families. These toys represent affordable, harmless fun, as long as you’re wearing protective glasses! But with so many models on the market, it can be hard to make the right purchasing choice. In this guide, we'll review the best Nerf guns for every budget and player type.

Eye Protection: You should prioritize safety, especially using more powerful guns. A pair of safety goggles are cheap and won’t get in the way of your fun, but they could prevent an unwelcome injury. No childhood was complete without a nerf gun war, and those carefree adolescent days were filled with fighting over who had the very best nerf gun. Easily one of the coolest toys of the younger days, and whilst your nerf gun days might be behind you, you’re never really too old for a nerf war. Over the years, nerf guns have come on leaps and bounds, with plenty of exciting nerf guns available for the youth of today. With cool new features and impressive advances, there is a nerf gun out there that can help you win even the toughest of wars. There is no better way to bask in some nostalgia and blow off some steam with your mates (or kids) than with a good old fashioned nerf gun war. Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K. The Prometheus is a beast of a blaster. It holds 200 Nerf Rival balls and can fire 8 of them per second! The balls travel at 100 feet per second from this battery-powered battle machine.In recent years, a wide range of YouTube instructional videos have surfaced giving instructions on how to modify the Nerf guns. These modifications, or “mods”, may actually circumvent safety features designed to protect users, thereby making the darts fly faster and thus increasing the risk of injury. Our research has led us to the best nerf guns on the market for every type of Nerf war.But our goal is to bring you all the best for your arsenal, and you’ll be very pleased with the Nerf blasters, rifles, pistols, and shotguns on our list below. So, what do you need to know about the Nerf N-Strike Series? This is the top-level name for Nerf Guns that are styled to be more realistic than the early Nerf blasters. They fire Nerf darts and generally allow you to load multiple darts for rapid firing. There are several sub-series that fit under the Nerf N-Strike umbrella. They all share similar features like dart firing, realistic styling, and multi-dart loading. Details Of The Nerf N-Strike Elite Series

DART CAPACITY AND 16 NERF DARTS: Each of the barrels holds 1 dart, for a 32-dart capacity total. The Nerf blaster comes with 32 Official Nerf Elite foam darts to fully load all 32 barrels Improved Seal –All Nerf guns use a rubber O-ring to create a seal against the tube that holds the plunger. Unfortunately, the cheap O-ring isn’t totally airtight, so it allows air to escape. All you have to do is buy a new O-ring of the right size and install it yourself. Use a second O-ring on the plunger head to guarantee an airtight seal. With the air sealed into the tube, you’ll get a lot more bang every time you pull that trigger! However, the truth is that there are some inherent dangers to using Nerf guns. Like any projectile weapon, they can be very dangerous for your eyes. Some doctors warn that Nerf darts can actually do damage to the eyes. One British doctorspoke of three cases where patients came into his hospital with “serious eye injuries” as a result of Nerf guns. The doctor even went so far as to question whether protective eyewear might be needed to prevent eye injuries.One look at the Nerf N-Strike Megalodon and you might imagine yourself as sergeant Blain Cooper from the Predator movie, wielding the iconic "Old Painless" minigun. The overall design fits that narrative as the gun looks pretty intimidating. Here, it's all about pure power, as your rivals have no other option but to run away once you start blasting. The shooting mechanism is simple, as the mag will spin when you crank the handle and shoot. With a capacity of 20 mega-darts, this gun will clear the battlefield. Another strong point of the N-Strike Megalodon is the range, as it can hit a target from almost 100ft away.

Ammo Capacity/Reloading Mechanism– The ammo capacity and reloading mechanism of a gun are arguably the factors that make the biggest difference to its battlefield effectiveness. For example, if you can’t carry enough ammo or are too slow at reloading, you will be susceptible to enemy fire. However, speed and a large capacity don’t need to be top of your priority list if you only shoot stationary targets. Don't aim for the head – even if you're wearing protection over your eyes, it can still be quite uncomfortable to get hit by a foam dart around sensitive spots such as your ears or mouth, and your opponents won't thank you for it. Aiming for the torso is the best way to avoid spoiling play, and gives you the best chance of landing a hit. It’s certainly a testament to Nerf’s enduring high quality. In a world filled with virtual reality, lightning-fast game consoles, and smartphones, the best Nerf guns remain as popular as ever. The company is recruiting new soldiers every day. Are Nerf Guns for Adults?


Nerf realizes that there are a lot of different reasons we buy their blasters. (We will use both blaster and gun throughout this article. We consider them interchangeable). They make a wide range of blasters to satisfy a wide range of buyers. This can make it tough to choose the right one. We hope this article will help you understand the different Nerf gun series. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each series will make it easier for you to buy the best Nerf gun for your needs. Nerf enthusiasts alike will tell you, “No, Nerf guns can’t possibly be dangerous! After all, they’re made from soft foam and tipped with suction cups. How could that hurt anyone?”

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